Facilities & Equipment

  • Food and Drink Policy:

To protect the collections, no food or drink (except water) is allowed.

  • Library Study Areas:

The library has fourteen large study tables (with seating for four) in the general reading area, plus additional individual study tables and comfortable study seating.

  • Library Workstations and Use:

Nine library workstations provide access to the Library Catalog, journal databases, and internet resources, along with Microsoft Office applications. A tenth, specially equipped and configured workstation (#SART1001) is available for library research when not needed for scanning purposes. In addition, two stand-alone workstations in Room 160C provide access to CD-ROM resources.

Use of library workstations for personal or recreational use is not permitted.

  • Printer and Photocopiers:

Nine library workstations are connected to a laser printer which accepts DebitCards only. The cost of printouts is $0.07 per page. (The scanner workstation is not connected to a printer.) One photocopier and one scanner/photocopier are available. Both accept DebitCards or cash. Copies are $0.10 per page.

  • DebitCard wall unit:

A DebitCard wall unit allows you to purchase or add money to an existing DebitCard. For information on library DebitCards see https://www.library.wisc.edu/services/printing-debitcards/forms/.

  • Scanning Equipment:

An Epson Expression 10000XL 12"x17" flatbed color scanner is attached to a PC workstation which supports saving scanned files to flash drive or CD-ROM. Small files may also be emailed using your web email account. The scanner workstation is not connected to a printer. Also note the scanner/photocopier mentioned above.

  • Audiovisual Equipment: 

A microfilm reader, microfiche reader, laserdisc player, videocassette player and monitor are available. The viewing area for videos is located in Room 160C.