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  • Mobile Devices: Conveying Movement in Text, Image, and Material is the new Art Library exhibition, running from March 4 to June 3, 2014. This exhibition explores the theme of mobility—physical, mental, poetic, social, economic, and geographic—within a collection of artists’ books at the Kohler Art Library.  This exhibition was curated by sixteen graduate students enrolled in LIS: 839 (Art Librarianship) during spring 2014.  Each student selected and researched an artists’ book from the Kohler Art Library and wrote a caption label.  The students worked collaboratively to install the exhibition.
  • The newly-released George Clooney film, The Monuments Men, was inspired by actual wartime experiences of those who sought to protect cultural treasures during World War II. The Art Library has produced a guide to assist you with additional reading and research on this topic. See Art looting, destruction, and protection during World War II.
  • An allegory of winter in graphic form appears in an article by M. P. Verneuil in the February 1904 issue of The Craftsman (see pp. 479-80). The Craftsman is accessible within the Digital Library for the Decorative Arts and Material Culture.
  • See a new reserch guide for help in Identifying Period Styles (for architecture and interiors).
  • Fifteen Japanese illustrated books from the late Edo period are available for viewing online within the Arts Collection created by the UW Digital Collections Center. The Japanese books are owned by Kohler Art Library.
  • Kohler Art Library books are included in the full text Google Book Project. Approximately 6,000 books were digitized to expand access to these important art-related historical materials.
  • Interested in the book arts?  See the library's Artists’ Book Collection database, an illustrated, descriptive index to over 760 artists’ books located in the Kohler Art Library.  Users can search by artist, title, press, book structure, binding, subject, or contributor roles.